Our Wish For The New Year

Our Wish For The New Year

With the New Year comes new hope. Sadly, 2017 met our expectations in too many disappointing, corrupt, racist, sexist, and awful ways. Like Spring, which will be blossoming across the land in a few months, we are starting to see signs of a brighter future.  Poll numbers show there is reason to believe the lies and bad dealings and hate are taking their toll on voters. Wins in solidly conservative districts may be the first robins, the early harbingers of a warmer, more temperate political climate.

Our promises, as progressive Democrats, won’t change. We’ll continue to work for programs that help “the least of these.” We’ll fight to protect and improve Social Security and Medicare. We’ll stop the deregulation of our environment, our economy, and the ways we finance political campaigns to stop corporations from tipping the scales their direction. And we’ll defend the judiciary’s independence as an equal branch of our government – one that serves the people.

We are not some distant organization unattached to the people. We are the people – an organization that thrives on membership and operates on democratic principles – those principles we all hold dear. We are local. We act locally.

Join us today online. Or join us at our next meeting (details in the right hand column.)

Together, we’ll make 2018 a year conservatives will never forget.


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