Summer of Resistance

Summer of Resistance

With the release of the CBO Score for Trumpcare yesterday, the news is grim. The party that calls itself pro-life has come up with a shockingly deadly healthcare bill that not only boots 22 million people off of healthcare, including the disabled and children, it hands millionaires a huge tax cut at the same time.

Unfortunately, there seems to be little shame in promoting Trumpcare. Trump lost the popular vote, but that hasn’t stopped the GOP from acting like they won a mandate. They continue to draft and pass some of the cruelest legislation in decades despite its steep unpopularity.

The good news is:

  • Your phone calls are working.
  • Your letters are getting attention.
  • Your neighbors are reading your letters to the editor.
  • Your friends are reading your social media posts.

Gradually a few senators are starting to see the light.

It’s natural to feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere when it comes to fighting these pro-death, pro-rich bills coming out of our GOP controlled branches of government – votes that should be no-brainers. Never doubt that you can make a difference.

Never doubt that you can make a difference. If they are going to pass bills that harm you, harm children, harm the disabled, harm seniors, harm your neighbors, and harm your family, make them do it to your face.


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